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Vortexes, or vortices, are synonymous with Sedona. A Vortex is an area with a high concentration of swirling, magnetic energy. They are also believed to be portals to other realms. Some believe they are the gateways to Heaven. These vortices have been known to scare animals. Bend trees, defy gravity and make people feel strange.

I don’t know about all that, but what I do know is what I see. Twisted Juniper trees that look like they’ve been thru a twister, as the tree trunk itself is twisted up.(See picture below. tree is on the right) Some people say they feel calm or relaxed when around the vortices and I can only say that I do feel a sense of peace when in these specific areas. Strange, but true. Sedona has long been a spiritual place for many and is famous for these centers of energy. There are a few of them in around here, the most popular being, near the Chapel of the Holy Cross, at the top of Cathedral Mountain, Bell Rock and a place called Airport Vortex and Boynton Canyon.

If interested, there are several tour companies that offer vortex tours for a fee, of course and new age bookstores offering information.

Energy Vortexes
State Route 179 & Bell Rock Blvd
Sedona, Arizona


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