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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by captain oddsocks on August 26, 2005

Most cities have an Irish bar of some description and Olomouc is no exception. The just how "Irish" is this "Irish" bar question might be an interesting topic for some but I’ll leave it to them and just try to tell you if it’s the kind of place you might like to go for a drink.

The Crack is made up of several brick arch-roofed rooms connected by more exposed brick archways. It’s nothing if not comfortable; the entry room and first large room are full of armchairs and couches and the only problem is finding a vacant one. Not to worry though, because the next two rooms have plenty of table and chairs seating, and even a row of old cinema seats along the bar in the back room. The walls hold a lot of memorabilia, both Irish and local, and the wood panelling, green walls and exposed brick give a pleasant warmth to the space. The furniture is mostly varnished wood, a mixture of new and old. There’s a reproduction 19th century lamppost mounted in the centre of one of the rooms, and the other light fittings look as though they have all come from different junk shops. There’s enough space for 80 or so people to sit comfortably, but with a bit of squeezing in and standing up, I’m sure it could hold twice as many people. There’s no non-smoking space at The Crack, but the ventilation seems to be better than in most other bars.

It’s true that Crack is often spelt Craic, but if you pronounce ‘Craic’ in the Czech way, it doesn’t sound like the kind of place you would go willingly. The owner is a Scottish chap and surely would have spelt it the Gaelic way if he’d wished.

The bar serves Guinness and Kilkenny, but only from bottles. There are also a half-dozen or so imported beers from different parts of Europe, for prices around 50-70Kc. Probably a better option though is to try one of the local brews, such as Kelt (32Kc), a dark, thick, creamy, Guinness-like substance. A second choice is Velvet (26Kc) which is an English-style bitter. There’s also a selection of Australian wines on offer, for prices (around 450Kc) that would make you think that they are regarded as something more than just any old plonk in their home country.

The bar is open from 11am to 1am Monday to Thursday, and 11am to 2am on Friday. On Saturday the opening hours are 4pm to 2am and Sunday 4pm to 1am.
In summer the hours change and the bar opens from 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 1am except on Saturday night when it closes at 3am.
The kitchen is only open on weekdays, from 11am to 2pm and 6pm to 11pm.

The Crack
Mlýnská 4
Olomouc, Czech Republic


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