Camp Snoopy, part 2

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by VickiFunes on August 23, 2005

The Camp Snoopy-themed area for children is rather large, so your kids will find lots to enjoy there. Another ride is the Flying Ace Balloon Race, a colorful ride using "helium balloons" for the ride cars. These lift up into the air as they circle a central hub. A favorite attraction of my grandson's is Snoopy's Bounce House. A GIANT inflated Snoopy adorns the top of this soft structure.

You'll begin in the waiting area, where the kids must take off their shoes to enter. Once the kids are all ready, an attendent lets them into the Bounce House one by one, and the playing begins. They get to bounce around for about 5 minutes, and you can watch through the clear, soft-but-thick plastic windows. When it's over, you'll help your children replace their shoes, and you're on your way. Parents can't go into the Bounce House, but at the Rocky Road Truckin' Company, the parents get chauffeured! The kids sit in the truck's cab and "drive," while the parents sit outside the cab and just enjoy the view. (How's THAT for a foreshadowing of "things to come!") Remember the Peanuts character, Woodstock? He's a little yellow bird who's Snoopy's friend. Well, he has his own ride at Camp Snoopy, too--called "Woodstock's Airmail." On this ride, the kids are lifted straight into the air, then dropped down suddenly, and then they get in a few smaller bounces before the ride is over. It's a miniature version of the adult ride "Supreme Scream" found in the Boardwalk section of the park.

So far, I've mentioned plenty of rides, but there are still more! There's the Charlie Brown Speedway, which offers tiny cars for your kids to drive along a tiny roadway. Then there's the Log Peeler, which is a mini-scrambler. The Huff and Puff is a good ride for active youngsters--they "kid-power" their own little mining cars by pushing and pumping a handle to make themselves go around on the track. There's the High Sierra Ferris Wheel, which--like many of Camp Snoopy's rides--is fun for the whole family, and not just the children. Plus, there's the walk-through play house, which features Peanuts-themed gadgets for the kids to explore within it. Live shows are performed several times a day at the Camp Snoopy Theater, featuring the Peanuts charactures, naturally.

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