Camp Snoopy themed area at Knott's Berry Farm

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Knott's Berry Farm has a large, attractive children's area called "Camp Snoopy." Knott's teamed up with Charles Schulz a number of years ago to use his "Peanuts" cartoon characters here in the park. Camp Snoopy's scenario is that the Peanuts gang have gone off to a summer camp in California's High Sierras. On one hand, then, you'll see tall trees and woodsy decor to represent the "High Sierras" part of the equation. And also, you'll see the Peanuts characters--Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, etc.--strolling the park in costumes to greet the guests, putting on a play at the Camp Snoopy theater, or their pictures adorning gift shops and restaurants. Ride attendants are dressed in "park ranger" style outfits in this section. I'm including photos of some of the rides below. You'll see a ride called the "Camp Bus," a yellow bus that circles around from the ground to the air and back. You'll see the "Timberline Twister," a miniature roller coaster.

A unique ride called "Joe Cool's Gr8 Sk8" (that's "great skate"), has the scenario that Snoopy has become a cool dude and now wears sunglasses and rides a skateboard! The ride itself is shaped like a giant skateboard, which rolls backwards and forewards as the platform underneath it raises and lowers. It's a kiddie favorite, and a fair sized line backs up for this slow-loading ride. Next to Joe Cool's Gr8 Sk8 are the Red Baron airplanes, which circle around a central hub while the riders raise and lower their planes via their individual controller. The Red Baron is one of only several rides in the kid's area that parent's can't ride alongside their children. Not far from these attractions is a little, man-made lake around which several activities happen. There's the Walter K. Steamboat, which makes a circle cruise of the lake. Then, there's the Grand Sierra Scenic Railroad, which choo-choo's its way around the lake's perimeter. There are also little remote-control boats which, for a small fee, you can pilot around on their own small lake.

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