The Boardwalk-themed area at Knott's

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by VickiFunes on August 23, 2005

On your way into Knott's Berry Farm, you may have noticed the sea of California license plates on cars in the parking lot. You may have wondered to yourself, "Now, WHY would people who have Disneyland---a world-wide tourist draw---in their backyards, choose to visit Knott's instead?" Well, actually, many Orange County residents are big theme-park buffs, and they go to BOTH places regularly. The reason they go to Knott's is for the more thrilling rides, and comparing the Boardwalk section of Knott's with that of Disney's California Adventure will give you an example.

The California Adventure area, Paradise Pier, is themed after the boardwalks of California beaches, and it's done up lavishly in a VISUAL sense. The area is colorful and architecturally detailed---pure eye candy. The rides, though, are, for the most part, ones you can enjoy with your kids, and some of them, even with your toddlers! Knott's Berry Farm's Boardwalk area features wilder, faster, taller rides, attractions more popular with the teen and adult crowds. There are two rides in the Boardwalk that I haven't even worked up enough courage to try yet! One is the VERY SCARY-LOOKING Xcelerator. The ride looks like a bobby-pin set on end---you go straight up into the air and then head straight back down, your face headed directly towards the concrete below! My stepdaughter tried it and loved it! Take a look at the photo below---doesn't it make you cringe just to LOOK at it? Another one I haven't tried is the "Supreme Scream," which looks similar to California Adventure's Maliboomer, but taller. I enjoyed the Maliboomer, but the Knott's version is 254 feet tall! You get zoomed up to the top and then fall back to earth in a mere 3 seconds, going over 50MPH! (Once again, my stepdaughter tried it, while I waited below with my grandson. She loved it!)

Next, all three of us went on the tall--but slow--ride, the Sky Cabin. We slowly ascended a tall pole in a rotating cabin and caught a good view of the park and the surrounding cityscape. Then we slowly came down again. Next, Josie went on the Boomerang, a looping roller coaster, and the Rip Tide, a ride that takes you up into the air and then turns you upside down over and over again. (Those two rides aren't too scary for me, but I had to tend my grandson.) Gabriel then found another ride in this area that he'd try--the Wipe Out, which I can't describe very well, but you'll see it in a photo below. Lastly, we all enjoyed driving the Wheeler Dealer bumper cars.

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