Fiesta Village Themed Area at Knott's Berry Farm

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by VickiFunes on August 23, 2005

The Fiesta Village themed area within Knott's Berry Farm amusement park is styled after the era of Spanish California. There are bright colors, Mexican architectural styles, and the ride names and decor fit into the Spanish theme. (Unlike Ghost Town, though, there are no authentic historical buildings, nor is there a "museum" feel to this themed area. It's all "pretend" and just for fun.) A giant "Aztec" temple dominates this area visually---and it's quite a beauty. The temple is the centerpiece for the Jaguar steel-track roller coaster. The Jaguar is the mildest adult roller coaster in the park. That being said, it's still not a children's coaster. I pushed my grandson to try this the year that he was 7, and he still wasn't ready for it---he thought it was too scary. A zippier coaster in Fiesta Village is Montezuma’s Revenge. When the ride starts, you zoom from 0 up to 55mph in 3 seconds! That is, I think, the most fun part of the ride. Next, you make a loop, then go up a dead-end track that stops in the sky. From there, you rush down the same hill backwards, go through the loop again---but this time backwards---and zoom up another dead-end hill (while still going backwards.) From the second dead end, you simply coast down forwards until you pull into the station again. It's a short ride, but that quick-acceleration segment is worth experiencing this coaster. The other rides in Fiesta Village are tamer. There is a 100-year-old merry-go-round featuring beautiful, hand-carved circus animals. There's the Dragon Swing, a "swinging pendulum" type ride. Where you sit in the ride has EVERYTHING to do with your experience on this ride. Sitting in the center---on either the right or the left hand side, it doesn't matter which---will give you a mild ride that feels like you're rocking in a baby's cradle. Sitting on either of the ends gives you a much more startling experience. Your stomach moves up into your throat, like you're being tossed about on ocean waves during a storm. (Obviously, then, the end seats are the most sought after and fill up the fastest!) Another ride is the Hat Dance, which is a spinning ride, similar to Disneyland's Mad Tea Party ride. Turning the wheel in the center helps you to spin in circles faster and faster!
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