The Ring of Kerry

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Funky Monkey on September 8, 2005

The Ring of Kerry is a huge ring road circling most of Kerry, passing hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean. Oh, and lots of sheep.

The road itself is quite a narrow one (there are only a few motorways in Ireland, mainly around Dublin), but you shouldn't get into any major traffic jams, and the ones you do are mostly just behind one of the coach tours that do the ring. That's another thing: the coaches and buses go anti-clockwise around the ring, so if you want to avoid meeting them on the corners, it's suggested that you go with them.

The views from the road are truly spectacular views, and there are many photo points along the way where you can park your car at the roadside and take a photo or two. There are also lots of beaches around the coastline sections of the ring, but my favourite was the one at St. Finan's Bay, from which you can see the Skellig Islands. Also in St. Finan's Bay is the Skellig Chocolate Factory, where you can sample and then buy some of their delicious filled chocolates. My personal favourite was Banoffee, but adults may prefer some of the liquor-filled ones.

Ring of Kerry
179 Km Circular Road
Kerry, Ireland

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