Qutab Minar

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Vaidya on July 20, 2005

Qutab Minar was visible from the balcony of the South Delhi house of our hosts. It was quite crowded early in the morning when we reached there. We could not help notice that the Qutab Minar area has now become clean and green, quite unlike the past, when you had to cross through dirty by-lanes to reach the monument. The ticket was Rs 10=00 or so, but it was saddening to know that they do not allow you to go up the monument these days. One good thing is the camera on the top, which helps you to at least have a good experience on how Delhi looks from above. The monument looks fresh and colourful. The stonework is all the more attractive now.

This monument was built by a famous king named Qutab din Aibak, probably as a victory memorial. If you walk around the area, you get a feeling that the entire complex was once a grand 'city center'. There are broken buildings that could be a mosque, a school, bunkers, and the like. We were told that the place looks more beautiful in the nights, especially under the full moon.

The Qutab Minar Complex (Qutb Minar)
Delhi, India


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