Potsdamer Platz

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The Potsdamer Platz is a brand new, vibrant area that was built during the 1990s in the former east Berlin. The area is a now key to Berlin in terms of business with many major German companies having their headquarters here, including Deutsche Bahn and Sony, as well as having becoming a must-see for visitors to Berlin.

What is it?
The Potsdamer Platz centres around a central area that is 20+ stories high with a covered roof that is open at the sides so that one has the experience of being in the open air, yet without the dangers of inclement weather! As well as the main ‘dom’, there’s a range of restaurants, visitors' attractions, and the Potsdamer arcade, which features over 100 hundred shops in the immediate area.

Getting there?
The Platz is within walking distance of Checkpoint Charlie and is located 5-10 minutes' walk away from the Tiergarten and Brandenburg Gate. Access the Platz via the u-bahn (subway) exiting at the Potsdamer Platz exit (green line)

What’s there?
The Platz features a wide range of restaurants, including a cool Australian bar and restaurant, Italian, Mexican, and a whole range of dining opportunities ranging from cheap and cheerful pizzas to luxurious dining--lots of things to suit any palate and budget! Be sure to try the coffee and cakes at one of the eateries. If nothing takes your fancy in the main area ,there are lots of hotels in the local vicinity, as well as a great sushi and fish bar. There are also more ‘fast-food’ choices in the shopping arcade.

Check out the huge cinema, which also includes an IMAX 3D screen; if this is busy, head down the road to the Discovery Channel IMAX. Most features are in German, but pick up a programme to find showings in English and other major languages. Have a look at the Sony Center and check out the latest Volkswagen cars in their interactive show room

If you don’t like all the modern architecture, then keep your eyes peeled for original structures from the area that have been restored in the renovation process.

Potsdamer Platz
Public Square, Center of Berlin
Berlin, Germany, 10785


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