The Freedom Trail

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The Freedom Trail is a marked and guided route past all of the key sights associated with revolutionary Boston. Stops include the places where John Adams and other met to vent their anger and plan their next steps, the location of the Boston Tea Party Ship, Old North Church, and many other places key to the early history of the United States. Most of the actual buildings still stand and can be visited. The Freedom Trail not only brings history into focus, but it brings it alive. You can stand where Adams spoke or where Crispus Attacks became the first martyr for American freedom. Not all of the history is quite so serious, either. In the same cemetary as many of the revolutionary heros can be found the grave of the one and only true Mother Goose. A replica of the tea party ship is available for you to climb aboard as well. Although it is a bit away from the main part of the trail, a visit to the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides, is a special treat to anyone with maritime interests and well worth the journey. Nearly all of the Freedom Trail can be covered for free.
Freedom Trail
15 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02109
(617) 242-5642

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