Ethel M candy factory tour

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by VickiFunes on July 27, 2005

What could be of more interest to the children in your group than candy? They'll see plenty of candy on this tour, and learn about how it's made, as well. You'll begin the tour in the attractove. colorful gift shop. If you didn't know it before, Ethel M is the upscale division of the M&M/Mars company--and the moment you see the gift shop, that becomes quite clear! You'll be able to purchase M&M's themed merchandise, such as "Yellow" on a keychain, or a "Red" stuffed toy. Past the gift shop, the short tour begins. It's all behind glass observation windows--so don't worry! Your kids can't mess anything up or get caught in a machine! For an adult's longer attention span, this tour could be a lot more complete. For a child's short attention span, though, its short length should be tolerable for babes and toddlers. For adults interested in learning more candy-making details, there IS a complete visual review of the mechanized process shown on TV monitors. At the end of the tour, everyone in your group gets a free candy sample, and you get to choose from a varied selection. After leaving the building, you'll exit into the Cactus Garden. Your kids may enjoy strolling (running?) along the winding paths if your trip has kept them cooped up in the car. The adults will enjoy seeing the Western plants in the garden. Ten years ago, the garden didn't look as good as it does now---the plants were smaller. The garden has really filled out over the years. You'll even find shade! Best of all? The tour and the Cactus Garden are free!
Ethel M's Chocolates and Cactus Garden
2 Cactus Garden Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada
(800) 438-4356

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