Member Rating 4 out of 5 by barbara on August 6, 2005

We were going back to our hotel after a long afternoon when the cab driver turned around and asked if we had gone shopping at Harrods yet. The two boys in the car made a face (Shopping?!? Yeck!), but the cabbie exclaimed, "Everyone who visits London has to go into Harrods at least once. There's no other store in the world quite like it!"

Well, who could argue with that?

From the moment we entered, Harrods was a frenetic collection of colors, sights, and sounds. The high ceilings with their beautiful chandeliers felt to me like they belonged more in a mansion or a palace than in a specialty mall, but they tipped me off to the name of the Harrods game: Luxury Shopping! From Furla purses to Versace shirts to high-end jewelry to expensive pastries in the bakery, Harrods has provided plenty of ways to spend those pounds since it first opened as a small, service-oriented store in London in 1849! Crowded with shoppers and all types of merchandise, this is a consumer's paradise. The guy we saw in a tux beautifully singing opera from a balcony overlooking the escalator would have seemed over-the-top anywhere else, but here? He just fit in with the mood of the place.

Whether or not you want to buy something, Harrods is worth visiting for the experience.

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