Trummelbach Falls

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All those glaciers up there on the peaks above the Lauterbrunnen Valley begin to melt in the late spring. And since the valley is one of the deepest glacial valleys on earth, that means WATERFALLS. And at least one is visible from almost everywhere in the valley, and there is a very special one that is not visible from anywhere, except from behind. Or above.

Trummelbach Falls is located in a cave-like canyon deep within the walls of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It is the most spectacular tourist-accessible slot canyon I've visited anywhere on earth. The atmosphere is far more like a cave than a canyon.

The glacial-fed stream blasts down through twisting falls within the circuitous canyon. You are taken by elevator to the top of the canyon and allowed to stroll through the cave-like passages and then out into the bright sun and down a network of stairs to the place where the stream bursts out of the canyon and into the valley.

This water was ice just a few hours before you see it flowing before your eyes, and the mist and wind it produces can chill you to the bone, even if it's a lovely 80°F in the valley outside. I recommend a coat or parka.

There is a lovely café on-site. Entrance to the falls is around $7 and definitely worth it.

You were smart and followed by advice on combining Trummelbach with a bicycling tour of the valley. But in case you didn't, you can get there by walking about 3km up the valley from Lauterbrunnen or by taking the valley bus from the train station in Lauterbrunnen to the Trummelbachfallen stop.

Trummelbach Falls
Lauterbrunnen Valley
Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

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