Butterfly Botanical Gardens

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Butterfly Farms are a frequent attraction in Costa Rica. You will see several signs for these farms on your visit here. I noticed one that seemed very well maintained across the street from The Si Como No Hotel near the National Park. I thought to myself if I was going to take a peek at one of these Butterfly Farms this would be the one I would pick. It has a simple name - Butterfly Botanical Garden.

So one day at the beach, the clouds started to roll in, and on the way back to my hotel, I stopped in for a look. The farm is a few about 100 feet from the check-in building and you walk to the enclosed space through the jungle. Inside the sceen cage it was amazing. I saw hundreds of colorful butterflies. If you are still they will land on you. My favorite was the Blue Morpho, a large butterfly with bright blue wings. I was amazed at what I was seeing and didn't notice it was now starting to rain, and then it started to pour rain. I also was the only guest out here in the butterfly gazebo! But just as I was starting to fret, one of the guides rushed down from the main building with an umbrella for me. Now, that was service!

While I was waiting for the rain to quit, the guys at the front office, convinced me the Nocturnal Jungle Tour was the way to go. You never know what to expect walking the jungle at night!

So the next night I paid my $20 and joined a small group of three other Americans and we headed up the trails, armed only with flashlights.

This night we did not meet many mammals, we only saw a sloth, watching us from a high perch. However we saw snakes, frogs, and insects galore!

I soon learned if you were quiet and just waited out here in the jungle you would see all types of wildlife.

Our guide, Brian, was excellent and really knew his wildlife. He was a bit of a Costa Rican Jeff Corwin! He had no problem picking up a posinous snake or small dart frog.

We spent about two hour in the jungle and I came away with a better understanding and appriciation for what is out here. This tour runs nightly, but every night it's a different show, as it's up to Mother Nature what she wants to share with the group on that night.

TIP: Wear long pants and good walking shoes. I made the mistake of wearing shorts and flip-flops and was eaten alive by gnats and other insects.

Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio Park Road
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


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