Basilique du Sacre-Coeur

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Open: 6:45am to 11pm daily. Entrance is free. The crypt and dome are open daily 9am to 7pm, but cost is 2.45€.

Even though it looks white from everywhere in the city, the building is really light beige. The dome is covered in U-shaped plates put next to each other. Take funicular and then a flight of stairs to the entrance. Three horseshoe-shaped gates form the entrance. The style of the church is Romanesque-Byzantine, and it was built between 1876 and 1919. The mosaic above the altar shows Christ with religious leaders on the left-hand side offering him the globe, the crown, and everything they have, and on the right-hand side, there are writers, philosophers, and military men offering their earthly possessions. On each side of the altar are the chapels, and each has mosaics showing religious scenes with flower motives. You can visit the cupola if you want to walk 237 steps to the top of the dome. My impression of the church is that it looks much more interesting from afar. Let’s say from the top of the Eiffel Tower in the fog. It looks so enchanting, but once you get up close, all the enchantment vaporizes and it looks rather ordinary and much like any other church you’ve seen before.

To the left of the basilica (if you are facing the entrance), there is another small church – St Pierre de Montmartre (12th to 17th centuries). It is a lovely church with metal carved doors. The stained-glass windows are modern and look like work of Max Ingrand; the old ones were demolished by the bomb explosion during World War II.

Basilica du Sacre Coeur
35, Rue Du Chevalier-de-la-barre Rue De La Bonne
Paris, France, 75018
+33 (1) 53 41 89 00

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