Saguaro National Park

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The most famous symbol of the southwest is most likely the Saguaro cactus. It is the biggest cactus in the USA. They may live up to 200 years, and a full-grown specimen can reach 50 feet in height and weighs several tons.

The town of Huston divides the park. Most people visit the west part of the park. Here you can drive the 6-mile Bajada Loop Drive. Be sure to stop at one of the short hiking trails like the Cactus Garden Trail. On one of the hills, ancient pytroglyphs of the Hohocan can be found.

The east part of the park is more secluded. The 8-mile Cactus Forest Drive winds through an old Saguaro forest. Be sure to visit one of the visitor centers for maps and tips.
Saguaro National Park
3693 South Old Spanish Trail
Tucson, Arizona, 85730
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