Royal Botanic Gardens

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Red Mezz on June 18, 2005

When the Royal Botanic Gardens were recommended to me as a place I needed to see in Edinburgh, I kind of dismissed it. In a stunning and ancient city of stone, I figured I could see some flowers and trees anywhere. But like most everything else in this city, The Botanic Gardens has a little something extra, and something to please pretty much everyone.

I've been to many parks around the world, both in and out of major cities, and to date the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens stands out amongst the rest. There could not be a more pleasant or relaxed vibe, and when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds the people of Edinburgh stop what they are doing, and wander to the Botanics to enjoy it. And yet, there is never a sense of it being over crowded, or unpleasantly busy. There are many paths to wander and whether you want simply to sit on a bench enjoying the really beautiful layout of the place to read a book, or to examine all the incredibly rare and well kept flowers, you are certain to enjoy it.

There are plants and trees from all over the world, and I am hard pressed to think of a better kept Garden anywhere. And maybe best of all, the Botanics in Edinburgh has a relaxed feel that you don't often find in Gardens of this caliber. There are paths, but everyone is free and happy to wander barefoot off them into the grass as well. Everywhere are people sunbathing in their own little bit of grass they've claimed, or reading and enjoying the sounds of the abundant birds in the park, often sharing bits of their lunch with the very friendly squirrels.

Down by the west entrance there is an excellent gift shop that sells not only trinkets to take home, but also lots of local products and even plants and some interesting herbal things. It's well worth stopping in, and on the way out, get an ice cream to wander through the park with.

The Botanics is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon if you're visiting Edinburgh and are exhausted from all of the walking up and down hills that make up most of the city. It's a very pleasant change from the city hustle, as well as all the age and stone that make the city so interesting.

This is a great place for yourself, with friends, or with kids. An excellent sight to see.

Royal Botanic Garden
20A Inverleith Row
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 5LR
+44 131 552 7171

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