New England Aquarium Whale Watches

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by longwayfromhome on June 12, 2006

I finally got to take a New England Whale Watch with my parents when they came to visit my girlfriend and I in Boston. I can understand now why this activity is so popular. When you see your first whale, it really grabs you. There are things THIS BIG living in the ocean, right under our nose? The enormity of it is astounding.

We used our Go Boston Card to take the Whale Watch on a nice day last June. The trip lasts about 4 hours, so if you're not good on boats, or a little stir crazy this trek may not be for you. Most of the trip is transportation to the whale watching spot. The narrators of the tour were very friendly, intelligent and all of the individuals aboard were naturalists, so they really care about the whales. They record their findings as they show each whale, and explain the behavior you are seeing from the boats edge. It's very difficult to take clear pictures as the the behavior is unpredictable, however, by the end of the trip you'll be able to tell the difference between ocean spray and a spout thanks to these caring, informed individuals.

Though there are concessions on the boat, they are a little pricey, I recommend eating before the boat ride (with time to let your stomach settle--lots of stopping and starting with the boat) as well as a light snack and plenty of water. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and leave the hats at home, sometimes they take off into the water--unfortunately happened to me--oh well. I mostly felt guilty about "littering." You would too, after seeing such incredible animals.
New England Aquarium Whale Watches
Central Wharf
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