Clifton Hill

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Clovery on May 18, 2005

Walk up to this popular tourist district instead of driving, as you might end up having difficulties finding a parking space. Also, Clifton Hill was so near to Niagara Falls that you would not find it a chore to walk up there. There are so many attractions in Clifton Hill that visiting all of them is impossible. So do it selectively. Most of them are located in "4943 Clifton Hill". Well, let me enumerate a few:

1) The Haunted House (dare to walk in alone)
2) Guinness World of Records Museum (Watch out for the world's most noteworthy abnormalities and astonishments)
3) Dinosaur Miniature Golf (Experience the golf game with T-rex)
4) Zombie Zoo
5) Mad Racer 4D Ride (You can be the owner of the road)
6) House of Frankenstein
7) Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum (A fallen building weighted down by a King Kong but still in one piece)
8) Great Canadian Midway (The place I love most. You have fun and earn tickets to exchange gifts!)

Though Buffalo was just nearby after crossing the Rainbow Bridge, getting the wings from there might still be a hassle. Why not try out "Pizza Pizza" in Clifton Hill as well? It serves the authentic Buffalo wings, as well as piping hot and fresh pizza, and these could be great snacks. If these did not satisfy your needs, "Ruby Tuesday", which serves barbeque ribs, fried onions, and other finger foods might whet your appetite. Sweet tooth? Then visit "Dairy Queen" for sundaes, ice cream, and yogurt.

Clifton Hill was truly a paradise for kids. But never forget the adults as well. Once stepped in, you found yourself turning young again!

Clifton Hill
4960 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E6S8
(905) 358-3676

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