Red & Blue Beaches

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ext212 on June 24, 2005

We went to Red Beach, or Playa del Corcho, two times while we were in Vieques because it was the only beach with several gazebos to let us have a proper lunch. The sun was so intense throughout our stay in Vieques that any bit of shade we could get while on the beach was much appreciated. Red Beach is more of a family beach because of the facilities, and we watched as the locals and other tourists set up barbeque grills and picnics. We were even approached by young guys asking us to place pizza orders to be delivered on the beach from their restaurant.

We did not mind the family and party vibe, but there were times when we just wanted to be alone and call the beach our own. We drove the next day to Blue Beach, or Bahia de la Chiva, and we certainly got that. The beach is full of short bushes and thorny plants, not good for a beach blanket, so we used our beach chairs to sunbathe. For lunch, we backed up our car closer to the clearing to be able to set up and eat with a view of the water. It was so quiet and private, we were able to play a round of Scrabble without interruptions.
Red & Blue Beaches
South Coast, Inside Garcia Gate
Vieques, Puerto Rico

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