Stare Mesto Market (Old Town Market)

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In Prague’s Old Town is one of Europe’s most beautiful town squares. It is a pedestrian area, which makes it very pleasant to stroll through or enjoy a coffee from one of the popular cafés surrounding the square.

It is also the site for the city’s main market place, which definitely adds to the atmosphere of Prague. Enjoy browsing among the wooden stalls searching for that bargain or memento to bring home with you.

Essentially a touristy market, it has more than its fair share of idiosyncratic souvenirs, more so on weekends. Some hark back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire - it's not every day that you can buy a suit of armour from the days of old. As well as the bags, hats, and general paraphernalia, there is a section entirely dedicated to roots and fruits.

Prague's Old Town is bounded on two sides by the Vltava, turning sharply eastwards. The Old Town Square, Staromestké námestí, is just south of Josefov (the Old Jewish Quarter), where of the streets around have been pedestrianised. The nearest Metro stop is Mustek (line A or B).

Although there isn't a great deal of choice, it's cheap and prices remain the same throughout all of the wooden stalls.

Old Town Historic Center of Prague
Staromestske Namesti
Prague, Czech Republic, 110 00

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