Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by cmeekins03 on June 18, 2005

If you head to the ballpark on an afternoon and you want to fit in with the locals, bring your grill, folding chairs, and cooler full of food and have a cookout before the game. The parking lots even has large cans specifically for your coals when you are done. Besides having good eats in the parking lot, some people find a safe area to toss around a baseball.

The stadium has a retractable roof that stays open if the weather is predicted to be nice during the game. The roof takes about 10 minutes to close, and the first year the park opened, they would close it after every game so everyone could watch. It takes awhile for it to pick up any speed.

There are several restaurants such as Friday's Front Row Grill in addition to all the concession stands. On the middle level, they have family seating, which is great if you don't want the little ones sitting by someone who has consumed too much alcohol. The seats are actually right in front of the radio boxes, which is pretty cool, as you can see Bob Eucker.

There is a kids play area as well though be warned it's quite warm by it. While you are there though, make sure to purchase some snow cones if you could use a refreshing treat. Another great treat found on the mid-level is the supreme nacho platter - yummy!

The entertainment coupon book no longer has a buy one free coupon. They also recently raised the price and besides the bleachers, the cheapest tickets are $18, making it really difficult to take a family here. I've been told on Sundays they have a deal where the most upper seats can be bought for $9.50 and include a hotdog and beverage.

If you do manage to take the kids on a Sunday, they let them run the bases after the game. We made the mistake of heading down once the game ended - it was a long walk to the end of the line. We walked half the park! The line moves the whole time though so even our toddlers were fine with the 'wait' since it took 10 of 20 the minutes to officially get in line. Oh, and of course they will be happy to take a photo and overcharge you on their website if you would like to purchase the momento.

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