The Most FUN! Canal Cruise

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by pennzance on June 15, 2005

There are tons of canal rides you can take in Amsterdam, and it's a must. But if you are young and/or there partly for the loose drug laws, you should try your best to find this tour. I don't know the name, so good luck... We found this through a flyer at the hostel we stayed in, and it was a small, open boat for about 10 people. We met at a comedy club across from the Bulldog. That’s the most I know about the location.

But the tour guide is from the US and moved to Amsterdam. He knew so much about the area, and there was no language barrier. He told us to grab a beer or whatever we wanted to take on the boat so we could relax, ask questions, and see the area. I learned more about Amsterdam on that boat ride and still had a fun time. We met some cool people there, too.

Amsterdam Canal Cruises


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