Member Rating 5 out of 5 by dwl123 on June 2, 2005

Before actually taking the plunge, I did a lot of research, first to determine if the activity of skydiving was actually even remotely safe, and then to figure out where to best risk our lives! Well, Freefall Adventures was a great pick in my opinion because it discloses a great deal of information and includes a very experienced instruction staff. In fact, the instructors shown on the website were the actual guys jumping with us, which made me feel a bit better. Next was the experience. While most New York-area drop zones are limited to 10,000 feet due to commercial air traffic, this drop zone was able to take us up to 13,500 feet. More free fall for us! Woohoo!

Okay, okay, down to the jump. We got less instruction than I thought we should have had, but basically enough for a tandem jump. The ride up was quicker than I expected, and the free fall was awesome. There were a lot of G's when the chute opened, but otherwise, it a pleasant glide back to earth after the rush of falling out of a plane! We ordered DVDs of our jump, and they are WELL WORTH IT! The editing, though standard, was very professional, and the picture quality on the DVD was fantastic versus VHS. We also got a roll of stills, which was nice. To sum up, our first dive was certainly worth the hype, and believe it or not, this may not be our last dive either.

Freefall Adventures
300 Dahlia Ave.
Williamstown, 08094
(856) 629-7553

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