The Cathedral of Saint John The Divine

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The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. It's first stone was laid in 1892. This cathedral is the only church in The United States that I have seen that rivals both the beauty and grand scale of many of the Cathedrals I visited in Italy. The Great Rose Window is 40 feet in diameter while the nave is 124 feet in height. The stain glass is beautiful. The cathedral always contains diverse and beautiful art, whether it be a vestibule to poetry, a homage to 9/11, or a new look at science and god. Tours are given during the day, and it is free just to walk around. There is also a biblical garden on the premises that displays flowers and herbs from the Bible.
Cathedral of St. John the Divine
1047 Amersterdam Ave.
New York, New York, 10025
(212) 316-7540

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