Markt Statue

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The huge statue in the center of Grote Markt is that of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck, who were the two leaders of the "Battle of the Golden Spurs" in 1302. The battle defended the Flemish movement that fought for recognition of the Dutch language and Flemish culture in the French-language-dominated Belgium of the 19th century. This was one of the most important battles of that time. The victory of infantrymen over mounted forces of knights was a shock to military thought of that period.

Today, the official languages of Belgium are Flemish and French. Without the battle, the language would only be French. The Belgians wanted to keep the right to speak their native tongue.

There are also a couple bars/pubs named after the duo around town, one of which is located at the Sofitel hotel.

The Markt (Market Square)
City Center
Bruges, Belgium, 8000

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