Texas Ranch

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by lucinda3 on April 24, 2005

Stumbling across a place called Texas Ranch in Israel was quite a surprise. The surroundings and decor approximated a real ranch, but instead of horses, there were camels. Texas Ranch was the starting point of a fantastic camel ride. They offer tours of different lengths. I opted for the shortest tour, but would have enjoyed a much longer one.

The ride begins by climbing on top of a kneeling camel. Then, the guide signals for the camel to get up, and I find myself towering above the ground on an unfamiliar animal. The train of camels rode through the desert and up a hill. At the top, we stopped for a snack - tea, fresh bread, and cheese. From the top of the hill, we enjoyed a breathtaking view, with Jordan in the distance.

Wear pants and dark colors. There is an abundance of dirt and dust in the desert.

Texas Ranch

Eilat, Israel


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