Wild Water Country

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by majumom on May 23, 2005

There are lots of different tube rides and water attractions to pick from. Perfect for a hot August day! There is an area for the babies/toddlers with interactive play and a small waterslide, which we used to get my 5- and 8-year-olds ready for the regular ones. The more you ride, the more you want to ride--what seemed outragous and impossible when we first got to the park was tempting and enticing by the end of the first day and day two! The park can get very crowded by mid-afternoon, so get there early to ride without the wait. Use the bounce pass and change into dry clothes and head to Busch Gardens for late afternoon and evening, and have a meal at the park and take in one of the spectacular shows. The park has a different ambience in the evening, so it's worth it. Also, after a few hours in a wetsuit and soggy feet from water shoes, putting on dry clothes is a treat, and you can unwind on the approximately 20-minute ride to get to Busch Gardens from WWC.
Water Country USA
176 Water Country Parkway
Williamsburg, Virginia, 23185
(800) 343-7946


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