Epcot - World Showcase - Part I

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by RJDancin on May 23, 2005

I'm going to give you a quick rundown of the countries from the view of a 22-year-old:

Mexico: The interior of the pyramid is beautiful, and there are great gifts inside, but some I don't know if I would travel with (fragile).

Norway: The Maelstrom ride should be longer! It’s a great ride and I do recommend it. I do find it funny how it lets out into a Norwegian gift shop (just like Disney, as every ride lets out into a gift shop). Take a picture with the giant troll!

China: The area is slightly small, but they do have some very beautiful jewelry, tea sets, and a "street market." Try to catch the Chinese acrobats!

Germany: Oh dear, Lord, eat their fudge - you must do this - and the chocolate covered pretzels. Try the beer just to try it, but if you are a girlie girl like me and don't care for beer, ask for the lightest one, but if it tastes obscenely bitter, don't blame me.

Japan: They have great gift shops and even sell bonsai! There is beautiful scenery as well.

Morocco: I got a henna tattoo! However, it smells very strange (the pavilion, that is).

Italy: I love it. They have beautiful gifts, from Venetian masks to Italian wine, and the restaurant is lovely.

France: I noticed that the employees are slightly snotty, but I found this pavilion to be the most beautiful. Don't forget to catch the Living Statue!

England: Jolly ol' England – it’s so lovely with its Tudor-style architecture. You can find Winnie the Pooh here! Grab some fish-and-chips!

P.S. I think they definitely hire the most gorgeous people from each country to entice you into buying every useless gift possible.

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