Mount Vernon

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"Knowledge is, in every country, the surest basis of public happiness." ~ George Washington, First Annual Message, January 8, 1790

After visiting Mount Vernon, I can now see why George Washington called this place home. An enchanting view of the Potomac River can be seen on the back porch or coming down the stairs in the house. Get there early as you can because there'll be lines that are as big as Mount Vernon, and looking at the map, it's the size of a Disney Land MGM or Adventureland. A major greenhouse was surrounded by vibrant, lush gardens. The garden offers a wide variety of flowers, and a few veggie gardens. Stables and slave quarters were behind the greenhouse. The line starts near the house and down a dirt path. When it's raining, the path becomes very muddy. When standing on the mucky path, you'll see a little house called an outhouse, or the loo.

Want to know why the gardens looked great as they did back then? You'll have to go and find out yourself. Toward the end of the house is his office, where a revolving chair sits at a desk. He had a chair before they were even invented! The farm on the right side has horses, too, as well as his burial site. One of the slave quarters is a small gift shop. Don't be fooled, because that is only a small shop compared to what’s in the mall past the horses. Near the mall is a restaurant called the Mount Vernon Inn that offers daily lunch and candlelight dinners.

George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens
3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway
Mount Vernon, VA, 22121
(703) 780-2000

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