Cairns Night Zoo

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by txblue on April 11, 2005

This was the biggest letdown of the trip. We'd planned this based on another posting on this site, and maybe our experience was not the norm. It was VERY humid and hot when we were there, and the tour group was huge. We thought there were only about 25 people from the barbeque dinner, but then a group of over 40 Japanese tourists joined, and the entire tour was told once in English and then translated to Japanese. Since we had two guides, they should have split into two groups, as it would have been more enjoyable for both.

The group was too big to get a decent view of much of anything, and it was so hot that the campfire was really not fun, just hotter than we already were. The music/dance at the end was cute, and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I was too hot to enjoy anything but the air-conditioned bus back to the hotel.

Cairns Night Zoo at Palm Cove
Clifton Beach
Queensland, Australia
61 (7) 4055 3669

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