Member Rating 4 out of 5 by txblue on April 11, 2005

We went to a wonderful beach with beautiful views. We took the SunFerry from Townsville to Magnetic Island at 3:45pm. All the high-school kids were on the ferry and bus with us, and they were fun to listen to them. We took the bus from the ferry terminal to Horseshoe Bay. There were a few quaint little shops, but they close at 6pm. We swam in the ocean (in the swim zone, which is netted off from the jellies) and ate at one of the local pubs watching the sunset. It was a great photo op!

We caught a bus back to the ferry, and then picked up a few items at the IGA across the street while we waited for the next boat. The boat has a licensed bar onboard also. This could have been a longer event for us had we known about it earlier in the trip!

Ferry /Bus / Beach
Horseshoe Bay
Cairns, Australia


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