City Tour including nearby ruins

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Pguthrie on May 9, 2005

Cusco and the city tour were less than I had expected. ONE MAJOR PROBLEM WITH CUSCO IS THE STREET VENDORS. They are very pushy - I had read that things had gotten better, but I hope things have actually gotten worse and that the situation will soon be rectified. Cusco is a great jumping-off point with lots of restaurants and bars. I was there in April, which is considered a medium traffic time. Again, I'm glad it wasn't the "high season", as it was very, very busy. Traffic is crazy. Prices are reasonable, BUT BE SURE TO CHECK ALL DOLLARS FOR ANY SMALL TEARS OR CREASES. The money changers will not take any bills with marks, tears, or creases. If I did it again, I would spend less time in Cusco and more time in the Sacred Valley.
Cuzco City Tour
Plaza De Armas
Cusco, Peru

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