The French Market

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"You reply to anything and everything about life here with, "Only in New Orleans"." ~From You Know You're From New Orleans If..

The Italians of New Orleans used to sell their goods in the French Market. Why it was called French instead of Italian is possibly because New Orleans was founded by the French.

The French Market has much to offer. The market sells food products such as pralines (you have to try it), city books, and other things as you progress through the lanes. A praline is a type of candy that makes your mouth water. Once you try one, it has you addicted, like chocolate. Aunt Loretta's Praline Shop, where you can buy chocolate, regular, and other kinds of pralines, is in the French Market. The prices at the French Market and Flea Market are determined by the vendors. Oriental souvenirs, purses, wallets, sunglasses, clothes, and anything else that would be a perfect souvenir can be found here, but some of the items can be pricy. A major suggestion would be to keep purses near you and watch out for pickpockets because of the narrow squeeze when you first enter.

French Market
1008 North Peters Street
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
(504) 522-2621

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