Vermont Teddy Bear Company

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by chicnfngas on May 2, 2005

When you first see the building, you know you are going to have a good time. The building is colorful and in a farm-like setting. When you enter the building, you walk into the teddy bear store and get to see all the different bears they sell. The bears themselves are quite expensive (running from $50-70), but the tour only costs $2.

During the tour, they show you how the fabric is cut (and even give you a free gift), how they sew the pieces together, how they are stuffed, and how they are fixed when sent back for warranty claims (each bear carries a lifetime warranty). The tour guide was very funny and worked extremely well with the children, answering their questions as if the teddy bears were living things (because, of course, they are to the kids). Following the tour, you have an opportunity to make a bear for $19.99, plus tax.

Vermont Teddy Bear Company
6655 Shelburne Road
Burlington, Vermont, 05482
(800) 988-8277

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