Ben and Jerry's Factory

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by chicnfngas on May 2, 2005

The tour begins with a short film about the history of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It is interesting and informative. We both gained a lot of information from the movie, and it was well suited for children. After the movie, we saw the inside of the plant where the ice cream is produced. If you visit during the week, you can actually see the people working at the different stations. Unfortunately, we were there on a Saturday and did not get to see this. They also show a movie demonstrating how everything works and the different processes the ice cream goes through. The tour guides are really informative, know their stuff, and tell great jokes. After the information session, we were taken to a room and given free samples of ice cream. There were two choices, and they change every day.

At the conclusion of the tour, you walk through the hall of fame with a whole bunch of articles and information about the ice cream. There is a little store and an ice-cream shop (so you can get more ice cream).

It's very tasty, and I would recommend checking it out if you are in the area.

Ben and Jerry's Factory
Route 100 North I-89 Exit 10
Waterbury, Vermont
(802) 882-1240

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