Spitalfields Market

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Maggiemae629 on April 1, 2005

I believe this market is only open on Sundays. Bring cash with you becuase no credit cards are accepted. But beware, a few of the locals told me that it's a magnet for pick-pocketers. We were there on Easter Sunday so there weren't as many people there. We had so much fun here in just a few short hours: there's jewelery and clothes that I wanted to buy from every booth. Purses, shoes, you name it. There was also a wide variety of food sold there, from coffee to bread to fruit. I purchased some olives and feta cheese from a Mediterranean stand that was SOOO good. I will be craving it until I return.

We also bought some baked goods and sat down at one of the coffee shops along the outer edges to enjoy. It's a must see, and it's open from 10am - 5:30pm, so get there early to see everything. We found ourselves back in the same area later that evening on the Jack the Ripper walking tour, so there's some history to be seen while there, too.

Old Spitalfields Market
105a Commercial St., Shoreditch
London, England
020 7247 8556


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