Singapore Zoological Gardens

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by uyyek on March 29, 2005

In a word, WILD: The zoo is designed on an "open zoo" concept, with guests sharing the same space with many of the animals. Obviously, the more dangerous the animal is, the more safeguards are between you -- moats separate you from the Komodo Dragons, for instance, and the big predators are in enclosures with plexiglass windows. Still, it's a little disconcerting for U.S. visitors to see monkeys and lizards scampering across the pathway you're walking on, but once you get used to the idea, it's pretty exciting. A must-see, both in the day and at night!
Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore, Singapore, 729826
(65) 6269 3411

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