Plaza de Armas

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The main square and hot spot in Cusco is the Plaza de Armas. Built in 1535, the square has a rich history, evidence of which still remains with the numerous ancient buildings around it, such as the Cusco Cathedral and the bronze fountain in the center (built in 1651). The center of the plaza is loaded with benches. If you have downtime, take a seat and enjoy the sounds and people around you.

Being the central part of Cusco, it is no surprise that you can find almost anything here. Numerous restaurants circle the circle, though prices tend to be higher there because of the high number of tourists. In addition, a number of tour companies offering Inca Trail trips, rafting trips, Sacred Valley tours, bus tickets, and anything else can be bought here. The same crafts you can find in the market at Pisaq are also here, though prices will be higher and bartering is not widely accepted.

Around the plaza, you will see many children and adults either trying to sell you some small crafts (e.g. finger puppets, postcards, paintings, etc.) or simply begging for money. The beggars may appear poor, and you will feel sorry for them, but you will soon learn that these people are simply lazy and do not want to work for money.
Plaza de Armas

Cusco, Peru

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