Château de Chillon

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Tolik on August 3, 2002

Even if Lord Byron had not written "The Prisoner of Chillon", the castle would still be the outstanding attraction it has become. The rock on which it is built has supported a settlement since the Bronze Age, the Romans fortified it, and the defenses were developed in the 9th century. The present castle was begun in the 13th century. It is one of the best-preserved, and most frequently photographed medieval castles in the world. Château de Chillon has 28 rooms and areas open to visitors, with fine banqueting hall and collection of armor. Nowadays it is hard to distinguish the 25 buildings that make up Chillon castle, closely grouped around 3 courtyards. To visit the castle, you can ride trolley bus no. 1 or walk along the scenery-studded 3km (2-mile) lake path.

Admission 7.5 SF for adults, 3.5 SF for children 6 to 16.

Chillon Castle/Château de Chillon
Avenue De Chillon 21
Montreux, Switzerland
+41 (21) 966 8910

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