Bull Dog Cafe

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by answerer on March 23, 2005

My friends and I wanted to go dancing, and we were approached on the street by some guy offering us a discount to the Bull Dog Cafe. We asked what kind of music they had and he answered, "all kinds". They were more or less correct... which meant that there wasn't much dancing.

We managed to negotiate a deal so that it was $10 cover for people who didn't want drinks and $13 for one drink. Normally, it's something like $20 cover, including two drinks, or $30 for open bar.

There wasn't much of a dance floor since there were lots of tables in the middle of it, and it seemed like people were more interested in getting drunk than dancing anyway. There are three different levels, including a Jacuzzi next to the stage. When we were there, a rock band came on and played songs that were more suited for people in their mid-30s.

My conclusion is that it wasn't such a great place to dance. If you want a place to sit down and watch a rock band, it's not bad, but definitely not a real "club".

Bull Dog Cafe
Boulevard Kulkulan Km. 8
Cancun, Mexico
(998) 848-98-00


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