Oglethorp Ghost Tour

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by zabelle on March 19, 2005

Ghost tours are big business in Savannah. You would think the city was haunted!! You can take a walking tour, a trolley or bus tour, or, for a more macabre approach, there is a hearse tour. We opted for a trolley tour. We had several reasons for our choice. First, we had a half-price coupon, a very good reason indeed. Secondly, they would pick us up at our B&B, another excellent reason. Thirdly, though I liked the idea of a walking tour, after a whole day of walking, I wasn’t up to walking to the start location and back, not to mention walking on the tour. All the major trolley companies offer a ghost tour: Old Town, Grayline, Ogelthorpe and Old Savannah, and from what I saw they are all very similar.

Our driver, Rachel, picked us up first right outside the Bed and Breakfast Inn, and then we drove around to pick up the other members of our tour. About 15 minutes into the actual tour, we had to stop and go to pick up a group of eight people. While I understood the economics of this move, it was very distracting, and I felt it quite unfair to those of us who were already on the tour.

At one point, Rachel parked the bus, and we walked around. We passed several other tours doing the same thing, which is why I don’t think it really matters a whole lot which one you choose. We didn’t enter any of the building but we did stop in front of several. This tour does not go into Colonial Cemetery though the cemetery does figure into at least one story.

Rachel was a very accommodating guide, and after the tour was over, she dropped us off at the Six Pence Pub so that we could get dinner.

Oglethorpe Trolley Tours
7 Rathborne Road
Savannah, Georgia, 31414
(912) 233-8380


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