Member Rating 2 out of 5 by britgirl7 on April 27, 2005

The nightclub RAIN is in the Palms Hotel and hasn’t been open as long as some of the other clubs. Since MTV filmed a lot of the Real World Las Vegas here, it has become one of the IN spots to hit for dance-floor action.

Be sure to check the schedule because as well as a nightclub and DJ lineup, Rain also hosts shows (P.Diddy, Britney Spears, etc.)

I loved the set up of Rain; according to its website, it's 28,000 square feet, with a huge dance floor, which is always packed. You enter through a long, mirrored tunnel, which I liked, and inside, along with the big dance floor, there are smaller areas and podiums set along moats of water, with the rain being gigantic sheets of water that fall from ceiling to ground. At intervals through the night, these walls of water become huge walls of fire and giant fireballs (14 feet) shoot from the sky. It gets hot just with the crowds, so with the fire too, expect to sweat.

It’s a great place to come in a group and party the night away. I personally wasn’t keen on the music. It was a mix of very mild house, hip-hop, and R&B, but this particular night was a Saturday, and I’ve heard that Thursdays ("drenched" at Rain) have a better DJ lineup for more hardcore tastes.

Rain is open from 10pm-5am. Normally, I don’t recommend going early to a club, but the night we went to Rain, we had just gone early to the casino and saw the line of people waiting before the doors even opened. We joined the line quickly, and from the doors' opening, it took us an hour to get in. By the time we were entering, the queue was massive and was at least a two-hour wait.

The cover charge was $25, but you can pay a more for VIP entry and a lot more for the special skyboxes, cabanas, and water booths (don’t ask--I didn’t pay the $1,000 asking price, so I can’t tell you much about them). Drinks are also expensive, but not any more than any other club here.

Rain Nightclub
Palms Casino Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103
(702) 942-6832


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