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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by SFPhotocraft on April 18, 2005

Legoland is located in Carlsbad, about a half-hour (in good traffic) north of San Diego. This is one of four Legolands worldwide and the only one in North America. The other three are all in Europe.

Legoland has not had an easy time making it here the States. It has to compete with Disneyland, Seaworld, and Knottsberry Farm, all in the same area. Legoland has a more European flavor and moves at a slower and more relaxed pace. The rides here aren't as thrilling as the ones at other parks. The roller coasters are mild, and many of the rides are slow-moving boat or jeep rides through make-believe Legolands. This is perfect for kids under the age of 10. Older kids who are little jaded by fast and thrilling theme parks may be bored.

My favorite part is the Lego reproductions of famous cities. I can spend hours looking here. The more I look, the more I see! I often marvel at the detail and chuckle at the humor that is often hidden in these Legoscapes. My most recent find was looking at the New Orleans Legoscape and noticing one of the favorite gay bars, just where it's suppose to be! There was the Bourbon Street Pub complete with rainbow flags and two guys chatting each other up out front. You know the artists must enjoy adding these little details in the hopes we visitors find them!

I love spending time here and could do away with all the rides. The gardens are perfectly maintained, and the small trees are tiny bonsai trees. You can pan for gold, have a water balloon fight, or just get wet in a dancing fountain. Kids also have the chance to build their own Lego creations throughout the park.

I am thrilled with the food outlets. They serve healthy choices, like fruit sides and lots of fresh salads. This is not your typical deep-fried amusement-park junk food served on a stick.

The cost is $45 per adult and $38 per child. Parking is extra. There are tons of coupons floating around Southern California. Fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, and the Sunday paper always seem to flood the market with discounts. I also noted they give a discount to AAA members. We did encounter long lines during spring break. Some lines took up to 2 hours. This was disappointing, as you spend most of your time waiting in line. These lines were unique to spring break and other peak times. I understand that on regular days the lines move quickly.

Legoland may not be for everyone. In order to fully enjoy it, you will need to slow your pace down and relax. Take your time and enjoy the many Lego sculptures. Be sure to take your time and don't just rush on by - stop and look! This is a great alternative to the faster-paced lifestyle here in Southern California. It forces you to take it slow and just enjoy!

Legoland California
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