Coco Bongo

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by britgirl7 on April 25, 2005

Coco Bongo is one of the most infamous clubs in Cancun. It’s a cross between a nightclub and a Vegas show. The tunes can be anything from dance and hip-hop early in the evening to full-blown trance music after 1am. In between the tunes, the DJ will stop, lights go off, smoke appears, and these little mini shows take place. On one occasion, it was Spiderman and other super heroes fighting with the enemy. Another time, there was a Beetlejuice show, trapeze acts. Later, the very top stage (near the ceiling) was filled with dancers, with glitter falling from the ceiling and balloons being thrown to the crowd. Anything and everything to ensure a party!!

Now, this club is not cheap and gets really crowded, so expect get pushed around a lot. The bouncers are aggressive, too, and if you stand in the wrong area, they will just shove you out of the way. The entry and drink-all-you-want price was $40, but just the entrance fee was $15, so if you are girls, I would just get the entry fee, because guys will get you drinks all night long, especially as they will have free ones if they bought the all-inclusive. It’s so busy and crowded in there that no one will notice.

We were there during the really busy season in October, and the club was totally packed. You couldn’t even move, never mind dance, which spoilt it in the beginning. If you are dressed cute or can dance well, they will pull you up on the bar - and that’s much better. The bartenders will give you free drinks, and you can dance to your heart’s content without the crowds. I suggest trying this… just go strut your stuff near the bar and hope they invite you up.

What happened to my friend and I made the night, which would have otherwise been spoilt by the heaving crowds. First, we got to dance on the bar. Once we had been here awhile, someone grabbed us and led us up some back stairs. We didn’t know what was going on, but we ended up joining the professional dancers on the very top stage. It was so cool. We had no idea what to do or why we had been brought up there. They all had this dance routine, and so we just did our own thing. We were up there all night, and it was awesome. Right at the end of the evening, we were handed balloons and glow sticks to throw down to the crowd. We felt just like celebrities.

Coco Bongo is a huge club, but its highly advertised and the most famous in Cancun, so I doubt they have many quiet nights. It was not my favorite place, and unless you can get away from the crowds like we did, they can spoil the evening.

Coco Bongo Cancun
Boulevard Kulkulcan 9.5 Plaza Forum By The Sea
Cancun, Mexico
(998) 883 -061

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