Wawel Hill

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Wawel Hill is comprised of a cathedral, castle with different tours, restaurant and café, and the dragon's grotto.

The restaurant is one of the most expensive in Krakow, but the café is a great resting place for feet tired out by stairs and tours.

The castle tours are great for anyone who likes princesses and knights, or furniture, architecture, and interior decoration. A unique collection of heads (sculpted in wood, not chopped off!) is exhibited in the audience hall’s ceiling to remind the king that he is under scrutiny and to give him the benefit of different experiences.

For kids, the grotto at the foot of the hill by the river is guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. But he only manages to breathe fire in the summer. Perhaps the Polish winter is too cold for him!

Go early in the morning to get your tickets, since even on a freezing February weekday with snow, tickets to the castle tours were selling out before 10am.

The castle is run by the state and is closed on Mondays and free on Wednesdays.

The cathedral, run by the Catholic Church, is subject to a separate entry fee. Like the castle, it is very interesting from an historical and architectural point of view. It has the tombs of kings, poets, and saints.

The tours are not suitable for wheelchairs, and buggies must be left in the cloakroom. It is quite interesting to look around the outside even if you can't get in.

Wawel Hill, Castle and Cathedral
Wawel 5
Kraków, Poland, 31-001
(+48 12) 422 51 55


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