Senor Frogs

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Traveler707 on March 1, 2005

My husband had heard about the foam parties and wanted to try it. You pay the cover charge and then it's all you can drink all night long. The foam part itself was wetter than I thought it would be. The soap suds shot out of a big cannon on the ceiling. It was like being in a big bubble bath. We were soaking wet. Definitely wear your swimsuit or some other all-cotton thing that is going to dry easily and be okay if wet. We also drank too much tequila. What a headache the next day!

Since we are gluttons for punishment, we actually went back after that for a regular night that had no cover charge, when you buy drinks like normal. We stuck to beer that night. One thing that is fun is that you get to dance on the tables, and at certain points, any woman could go up and dance on the stage.

It's definitely a rowdy place. It's definitely more of a "go out with a group of friends dancing" place than a date place. It's kind of wild in a drunken-frat-party way. The later it gets, the more it's like that.

They do have good live bands, and for an all-you-can-drink place, the price was good. Also, there are a lot of young people here, so the people-watching is good, and everybody is there for a crazy wild time.

Se├▒or Frogs
Venustiano Carranza 218 at Ignacio L. Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 48380
+52 322 22 25177

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