Orchard Road

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by curtbarker on April 7, 2005

Orchard Road is a long boulevard of giant malls and office buildings that perfectly represents Singapore's embrace of materialism. I mentioned earlier the popularity of malls as a way to avoid heat and streets, but even more important is that malls are a great place to buy stuff, and Singaporeans really seem to like buying stuff. I guess that's one reason why I say Singapore is like a suburb of America, because they share our attitude (right or wrong) that having things is really important. Plus, they all speak English.

The most encouraging sign of individuality and creativity was in the Orchard Road area, where I saw a few street performers and a live band playing in an outdoor theatre at a place called "Youth Park." Apparently, the government is taking steps to encourage their residents to be creative and unique. They've done such a good job making Singapore a nice place, I see no reason that they won't be able to create a more dynamic culture, as well.

Orchard Road

Singapore, Singapore


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