Paronella Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by ramcgraw on April 24, 2005

Paronella Park is hard to describe. It belonged to a Spanish man named Paronella and his wife. It was their vision to have a castle in this part of Australia. There are many gardens and remains of the castle. In the early 20th century, it was the center for entertainment in the community. They showed movies, had tennis matches, threw garden parties, and swam in the nearby river.

The tour, which is part of the entrance price to the park, is very thorough and explains the different features better than I can. The present owner of the park greeted us in the parking lot and told us our money would be refunded if we did not think this was a unique experience. It was definitely a unique experience. It reminded me of what an old English manor house and gardens might have looked like. The gardens are exceptional, and at the end of the tour, you can explore them at your leisure.

In the gift shop is the opportunity to taste different wines produced in the area. There is no cost to taste if you buy a bottle. If you do not buy, it is $3 per person to taste. We bought a bottle of mango wine, which was very good. The entrance fee to the park was about $20 per person.

Paronella Park
Japoonvale Road, Mena Creek, near Innisfail
Cairns, Australia
(07) 40653225

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