Carmel Mission

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by CoupleTravels on April 4, 2005

San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo Mission was beautiful. The mission opened at 10:30am, and there's a $4 fee for admission. You could skip paying the fee if you are there when a wedding is going on (there were three the day we were there), but I feel that would be dishonest. If there are weddings going on when you visit, make sure you slip into the sanctuary when the wedding guests leave. There isn't a whole lot of time between weddings, but enough to go in and get a look around. There are several little museums on the ground: one dedicated to a local family, one to the man who restored the mission (he and his wife are buried here), and lots related to the actual mission. Fray Sierra is buried in the church up in the front, and there is also a cemetery to the right of the church building. You can visit their website at
Carmel Mission
3080 Rio Road
Carmel, California, 93923
(831) 624-3600

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